Friday, 10 June 2011

More work coming through!

So here is my first proper update since joining (My first post being an Introduction).

I've recently got into working alot more with just biro, no guide lines in pencil first, and have been quite enjoying it.

This piece...
... Started out as just a squiggle on the back of one of my rotas at work and somehow evolved into what you see now. This then got my mind working and thinking about all the other illustrations that it could lead onto and a couple of days later this illustration was born...
... I am truly loving drawing these! Illustrating wildlife has never even crossed my mind so it is quite challenging aswell. Since drawing thes,e my wonderful fiance has been feeding me creativity and different ideas have been thrown around, so I have no doubt that there will be plenty more of these to come!

What's your favourite animal and if you could hear it think what would it say?

Much Love.



  1. those are beautiful and I'm in awe that they are just done pen straight to paper!

    My favourite animals are cows and cats and they would say "we loooove you sarah" lol although more liking they would be thinking "why does that crazy lady keep squeeing at us?!"

  2. Your work always amazes me! I cannot wait to see what you draw next!